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Headshots for LinkedIN [Headshots]

LinkedIN is a power house for people promoting themselves and presenting a PROFESSIONAL image. In the very literal sense a good image starts with a GREAT picture of yourself. Cell phone selfies can be very good, but a professionally retouched headshots will win every time.

Here are three professionals showing their "image" in a very professional way.

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First is Chris Fenwick. His wife gifted him a headshot session for Father's Day. We connected and had a great session. He is an engineer who works at home but immediately updated his LinkedIN Profile with his new headshot.


Second is Nick Martin. College graduate in his first professional position. He quickly understood the importance of a great picture to present himself as a professional. It was a n absolute pleasure gettin to know him in our photo session. We shared some stories about Georgia State University and how much it has changed since I graduated in 1973! A lot of changes in those 46 years.


Third is Jenny Burg, a senior executive at AmTrak. She had a good headshot, but wanted to present herself with a new updated photo. She contacted me and we scheduled a session at PhotoPlex, my studio home. I consulted with her about the "looks" she had brought to the session. We decided on two great looks. In the end I presented here with 10 PROOFS for her final selections. She decided on 5 images that she felt captured her personality and business image.


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