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Why do I need a headshot ?

For professionals, you should always have a good current headshot on your business and social media, such as Linked IN.  This includes your corporate picture on your company website.   


For People with a facebook account, personal websites, and other social media, you should always a have great pictures.  You never know when someone that is important to you will make a judgement from a bad picture.

For Actors and Actresses a "headshot" is a very specialized part of the Resume.  

What can I do to have an AWESOME headshot photo session?

  • Get a good nights sleep.

  • Be on time, if MUA is scheduled, this may be earlier than the session.

  • If you do your own makeup, keep it natural and minimal.  Retouch will fix the untimely blemishes.

  • Get a hair cut a few days before the shoot. 

  • Plan for the session with for the best look for your hair.

  • If you have any questions,  please, please ASK !! I want you to be relaxed and enjoy your photo session.

I Hate having my picture taken !

This is NOT unusual.  You might be surprised to know, that even actors/actresses have trouble with their headshots.  ​

It is my job to help you understand some basic pose concepts and get you to relax.   Trying to make a face to photograph never works.   Great photos occur when your are just yourself.  I will talk to you ( A LOT ).   I need to see your face and body, and  understand when it is full of joy, emotion and YOU.

So.... Just don't worry.  I know you will, but it will be wonderful.... really!

What should I wear?

Depending on what session level you have chosen you will be selecting 1 - 5 outfits.  Please bring extra items and we will review your choice.   It is possible that we will do a few test shots and the outfit just is not working.  No problem,  I really do not have any hard and fast rules.  The goal is awesome images.

The most important idea is to wear something that feels good.  You know which clothes fit your body and what you wear when you really want to impress.  

For headshot photos, wear solid colors or large prints.  For women layers work very will if they do not bulk.

What is a Portrait?

The result of a corporate headshot is 2 final images that show you as a  professional. 

A portrait is much more complex.  My goal for a portrait is to find you.  Find the expressions that people recognize as you.  Find the eyes, that are you.   I result will be 8-12 images that your friends and family will look at and say "Oh Yes" !!  

To accomplish this takes more that a few pictures in a 20-30 minute session.  I allow 2 hours for all portrait sessions.  Together we find shooting locations usually in an outside environment that fell good.  It is all about finding the light that brings you out in the final images.  

How big are you photographs?

Really the first question to answer is what is the shape of your photos.  This is know as size ratio or aspect.

You will recognize sizes like 3x2, 5x7, 4x5, 11x14 or 1x1 (square).  These are all the basic shapes.  

As I process you image I will change the size of the image to best frame to picture.  

These shapes get converted to actual picture sizes when Prints are ordered. ( all are shown in inches ).  

4"x5", 5"x7", 8"x10", 11"x14", 16"x20", 16"x24", 20"x30", 24"x30", 24"x36" 

Who has the rights to the images?

You have the rights to the images for personal use and Just Bartee Photography retains the rights to use the images for promotional purposes.  You will be provided with a Model Release or a Photography Services Agreement.

How will I get my pictures?

What is Hi-Res and Lo-Res

Hi-Res and Lo-Res refer the to resolution of your pictures.  Basically how many pixels (dots) are in your picture and how close together the dots are.  There is some more technical stuff involved but these are the basic measures.

I deliver Lo-Res pictures, which I refer to as "Social Media Ready"  These are specifically designed to be used for the internet, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or on your or your company's website.  These should not be used for printing.

I deliver Hi-Res pictures, which I refer to PRINT images.  These have more dots, that are closer together.  The also use a "color space" that is friendly to the commercial printing industry.   These should not be used to post on the internet. 


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