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Professional Photography Services


  • I arrive early and stay as long as necessary.  

  • I use the latest digital photography and equipment.  

  • I provide lighting solutions for effective and creative balance of light.  

  • I select and process with current software to produce awesome final images.

  • All sessions require a signed Photo Services agreement, which contains the model release. 

What I deliver:

  • Images that are selected as the best image(s) for each group of shots.

  • Images are Cropped, sized to complete the overall presentation of the image.

  • All images are processed using latest digital techniques.  All images are "retouched" as necessary to create an awesome image.​

  • Selected images are delivered as Hi-Res and Low-Res images. 

    • Hi-Res images are PRINT quality,  no compression, at 300 dpi, using Adobe color space. 

    • Low-Res are Social Media quality images.   Based on the Facebook standards is are not compressed, rendered at 72 dpi with a maximum long side of 1600 pixels, using sRGB color space (internet standard).  

  • The images you received are based on your plan selection and/or your Photography Services Agreement​

  • Low-Res images are for online viewing, posting and sharing with friends and family.  These images will be in a private Google Photo Album.

  • Hi-Res images are delivered by a secure, private link to a Google-Drive folder.

  • If Photo Prints are NOT included in the price I will be happy to quote you a print package on request.  

From Camera to Proofs to Final Photograph

  • Step by Step description from camera to final delivery.   Click HERE

What I need from you:

  • Communication.  

    • Cell phone, 770-642-6566 voice or text

    • eMail

    • Facebook Messenger

  • Clear instructions on your expectations for the photo session.  For events it is essential that you clearly define the images required and insure the recognition of those persons or places.   This cooperation will provide the results you want from your engagement.

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