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Photographers Need Headshots [Photo Shoot]

On May 6th, a group of 4 professional photographers met at Piedmont Park at "Dockside". We are all very excited for a chance to have new headshots for each of our businesses. The real benefit was to get to spend time with 3 new friends. Phaedra, Kirsten, Dean and myself, started a walk around the lake. In about 30 minutes we had a rhythm and were happily taking pictures of each other.

We talked, we walked, we found the iconic engagement photo spots around the lake. We took pictures. A LOT of pictures. As you will see below, we had a lot of fun. The more we had to pose the more we had to dig deep for a "new" look.

Photo credits go to all. It is impossible for me to credit each picture, and really we all had a part in all of the pictures.


Dean Chellah

Kirsten Anderson

Phaedra Williamson

Bartee Lamar (me)

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