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Becca & Remier [Wedding Rehearsal]

As I was considering becoming a Professional Photographer, I knew that taking pictures of Wedding Rehearsals would be fun. AND I had an inside track. My wonderful Daughter, Christine ( I will always call her Crissy ) was a wedding planner and asked the couple if they would like to have some fun pictures of their Wedding Rehearsal. They Agreed.

The Wedding was on New Years Eve, 2016, so the rehearsal was December 30th. Being on a photo assignment was a new feeling for me. I had a job to do. I quickly got into the rhythm as was finding shots and becoming a photo journalist.

These pictures were shot in a Canon T2i which was about 7 years old at the time. I used my ever faithful Canon 24-105mm f4 lens. It did a wonderful job.

So please enjoy the album here. Wedding rehearsal are always fun. For most weddings this is first time that all the participants and family are all together. It is a very relaxed time and FUN for all. These people were really fun people having a great time.

A very interesting side note: The event space was The Old Cigar Warehouse

in downtown Greenville. So about 30+ years ago, I built a sound recording studio in THAT building.

PS: It was also a great JOY for me to watch my daughter, the professional, working and doing an excellent job.

The Album follows:

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