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Cast Pictures [Studio]

Some really fun and creative studio work. Four Kennesaw State vocal students are doing a fund raiser event for The Elm Street Theater Youth Programs.

They came to me for cast pictures for their advertising and headshots for the program.

As life would have it, Tessa Walker is an very old friend of my Wife's business Carlin Breinig. She was introduced to Tessa as a 3 year old, who wanted to help cook. Fast forward about 18 years and Tessa finishing at KSU as a vocal student and teacher.

It was fun working with Matt Welsh, Jeremiah Robinson, and Claire Marie Pappas. These 3 complete the vocal quartet Performing "Songs for A New World".

So pictures here are a few of the studio ensemble pictures, the poster they created from the studio work and the 4 headshots we created in the studio.

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