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Studio Session for Jess [Portrait]

Just Bartee Studio Portrait

Jess just wanted some really good pictures. She did her homework and created a story board of portraits types that she wanted. Also picked several outfits.

I am always asked what should I wear? My answer is always what makes you feel good. Everyone, men and women, have their favorite clothes. I ask what feels good on your body. What do your friends say looks really good on you.

For me, as your photographer I am looking to see how the slacks, shirt, skirt, dress and/or pants fit on your body. Bad wrinkles and fabric that will just not lay correctly are very hard to fix in post processing, aka the "retouching".

The session type that Jess selected is the Just Bartee, Portrait TWO offering. This is a 3 hour studio session, with up to 5 outfits and multiple lighting scenes.

During the session over 250 images where shot. About 40 PROOFS were delivered to Jess for her to decide what she wanted as her 8 final images.

The 8 final selections are completely retouched, color graded and exported as web and print albums. These albums are the final delivery.

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