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New Social Branding for a new website. [Social Branding]

Amy reached out to me for pictures to support her new counseling business. She also felt that she is "not photogenic". I think looking below this was just not the case.

We talked at length about her needs and I was able to lead her to some specific tasks that would be need to be accomplished.

She was going to offer her business completely online via ZOOM. I asked her about where she was on planning her workstation to be located. We decided that the space should be ready to use for the actual pictures. I talked with her about lighting. I suggested a very simple ring light that could be plugged into a USB port on her computer. We decided that another location would be very helpful to create variety for her pictures. We solved that problem by using her club house as an alternate location.

We talked about her being able to create her website. I recommended Square Space and Wix as solutions for a DIY website. She choose WIX. Since I also run a small business, she asked about how to do billing and how to take credit cards. I urged her to Google for various solutions.

Check out her website to see the picture she decided to use.

Here are some of the pictures

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