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Murphey Chandler Park [Location]

This blog is part of my LOCATION series. Photograhers and clients are looking for really great locations for photos. These might be downtown urban, Atlanta Beltline locations, beautiful city parks everywhere and gardens with wonderful color.

This locaton Murphey Chandler park is located in Brookhaven, inside 285, in the Perimeter Mall area. This Google Map LINK will get to you to the point shown below.

Drive across this land bridge to the parking lot on the other end.

This group of photos will start from # 1 shown above and "walk" down the area from the parking lot to the bridge. The path goes around the lake. This is a LONG walk and not particulary picture worthy.

When looking at pictures in Google Maps, you will find some bridges in the woods that look like great Photo locations. These are located from parking lot #2. MAP LINK for #2 These are at least 15-20 min walk. The bridges do have some great photo possibilites but you really have to want this location setting. If you do walk to the bridges return the way you came. The walk back to parking lot # 1 is a LONG walk.

Here are some Photos that start in parking lot #2. Not perfect, but will give you some idea. Just keep following the trail, you will get there.

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