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How Just Bartee Got Started

The long story is I started taking photos at 10-11 years old. I had a dark room at 13.

Skip forward to last year. I had been looking at the new Canon 6D camera. I had a Canon T2i for at least 8 years, or 38,000 pictures. I had feed back from others that my photography was good and I had an eye for catching the emotion of the moment and telling stories with my photos.

New Years eve 2015, I asked my daughter Crissy, a wedding planner, if I could come and take pictures of her wedding rehearsal. So that resulted in these pictures. (Full set here) Her client was very pleased with the fun and emotion in the pictures.

Wedding Rehearsal

In my retirement, I really would like some income that does not overwhelm me with responsibility. There is no money in my life long hobby, woodworking. My attempts at doing video and plans just ended up with many, many hours in front of the computer doing video editing, about 10 to 1 over actually woodworking. Professional Photography offers me the gratification, but I can control how many engagements I accept.

So, I have my new camera, and WOW were the pictures improved. I begin to put together a plan for doing professional photography. In the middle of that planning, a great friend's child was getting married. A child we knew before she was born.

That resulted in this album of pictures. Wedding rehearsal are the most fun. You can see the look on their face. They were the best I had ever done, and I knew they were professional quality. So the process began to build my talents, purchase a new len, build a new website, facebook page and instagram to become Just Bartee Photography.

And I have a LOGO

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