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What are PROOFS ?

What exactly are PROOFS ?

The first step in the retouching process is the creation of the PROOFs that will allow the client to select which photographs they would like retouched.

At this point the client is coached to ONLY look at the expression for each of the PROOFS. My services are based on "Satisfaction Guaranteed". This simply means if the client can find NO pictures which the like, we will schedule a 2nd session. We will discuss what they feel like the deficiency is and work with coaching to correct that problem.

These pictures are delivered as a Google Album. I have chosen this method of delivery because I feel that Google does a better job than anyone when it comes to the quality of uploaded images both in image quality and the speed at which they upload occurs.

The final result of this process, is the selection of the number of images allowed in the "Services Agreement". For a typical headshots the base price includes 2 final pictures. Each package clearly states the number of images.

Below is a sample of what is delivered as a PROOFS album for a headshot client.

This is a sample of a single image from the album.

In the above image ( and all PROOFS ) the lighting has been adjusted and the image has been "cropped". Headshot images are all cropped to an 8x10 aspect.

So what did the final image look like ? Below is the FINAL, fully retouched image.

In the image above, skin was smoothed, blemishes removed, eyes brighten and enhanced, hair highlights added, image sharpened and skin completely adjusted for correct color. The retouching process will have a complete blog to cover this process.

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